Property for sale in Ordino

Ordino is one of Andorra’s most picturesque parishes. Here you will find a wide range of properties for sale. Penthouses, flats, traditional townhouses or beautiful mountain chalets make up a wonderful variety of real estate for your personal investment. The town is located right in the middle of the principality and hosts the National Auditorium of Andorra. If you decide to buy property Ordino you will have quick access to a series of classical music concerts. Furthermore, the area offers many secluded spots and wonderful landscapes which make this parish a perfect choice for any nature-lover.

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What to consider when buying property for sale in Ordino

Property for sale in Ordino offers you beautiful nature, peace and quietness. The town centre is right in the middle of Andorra and skiers will delight in Vallnord mountain park or the the ski resort of Pals that lies within close reach. Nevertheless, investing in a holiday home, a flat or house in Ordino requires careful consideration. Here you will find some common questions.

1. Weather in Ordino

The weather in Ordino is dominated by the height of the parish. The explanation for this is simple, the higher you go the colder it gets. For Ski-lovers Ordino presents great conditions since the snow season can start as early as in November.

2. Do they celebrate special traditions in Ordino?

In Andorra traditions and customs play an important role in every parish. For example on Carnival Monday people in Ordino remember a boy’s trick. The women prepared a dish for the special event and youth tried to steal the pot from them. Today it is still remembered and people celebrate and eat together on the streets. Other festivities include Corpus, Caramelles and Roser Ordino, where roses and flowers are handed out to women. Tradition plays an important role in Andorran culture. Here you will get a chance to learn and share the customs of the locals.

3. Where to find a real estate agent in Ordino?

When buying property in Ordino you will need to find the right real estate agent who knows the area well and will be able to find the property of your dreams. Our portal will help you select the most interesting real estate agencies for flats and houses in Ordino.
Use Habitand to explore properties for sale in Ordino.

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