Properties for rent in Ordino

The northwestern side of Andorra also offers top choices for high quality living. Getting a property for rent in Ordino will make you feel at ease and comfortable every single day. Surrounded by breath-taking forests and magnificent landscapes, this parish is located about 1380 metres high. However, it not only offers magnificent panoramic views, but also a rich history portrayed in its monuments and prestigious museums.

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What to consider when looking for a property for rent in Ordino

Are you interested in renting a property in an important tourist destination with an astonishing historic heritage? Then renting a house, flat or penthouse in Ordino might be the right choice for you. Romanesque architecture and ancient monuments as well as beautiful mountain surroundings draw visitors from around the world to this interesting parish.

1. Why rent a property in Ordino?

A combination of magnificent nature and rich architecture make of Ordino an excellent place to relax while enjoying a great range of leisure activities, clean air and peaceful as well as safe neighbourhoods.

2. What to do in Ordino?

In Ordino you get to choose from uncountable outdoor and indoor activities. Visit one of the museums, Casa de Areny-Plandolit House Museum, Sant Jordi Iconographic and Christianism Museum, Nicolai Siadristy Miniatures Museum or the Postal Museum. The Muela y Aserradero de Cal Pal Museum and the Nature Center of La Cortinada also offer tours and activities you may enjoy. In addition, you could also schedule a visit to Vallnord – the first Mountain Park of the Pyrenees.

3. Living standards in Ordino

If you want to live in a place with high living standards, then you should definitely consider Ordino. A parish rich in tradition that offers you magnificent nature and peaceful rural life. Moreover, Ordino combines traditional with contemporary life, which makes of this parish a location worth considering when searching for a new home.

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