Properties for rent in La Massana

Are you interested in a property for rent in La Massana? Located in the west of the Principality of Andorra, this parish is home to the highest mountain in the entire country allowing you to oversee the extensive Valls de Comapedrosa – which also host a communal park. This parish is a prime location when looking for a property as it not only offers you beautiful mountain surroundings, but also shops and plenty of leisure activities.

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What to consider when looking for a property for rent in La Massana

If you want to rent a property in La Massana, you have chosen a superior destination that combines peacefulness and panoramic views. All the way from the Alpine tree line, down to the milder valleys, there are many houses, flats, penthouses and chalets, which may fit your needs and expectations.

1. Why choose La Massana?

British, French, Spanish and other foreigners appreciate the high living standards La Massana has to offer. These go along with the pleasures of this beautiful tourist destination, like the ski resort Vallnord – known for its excellent facilities. Plenty of tourists visit each year causing restaurants and other establishments to flourish.

2. What to do in La Massana?

Winter and summer are seasons when both, residents and visitors, get to enjoy the great range of outdoor activities this parish has to offer. In summer, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking and canopying belong to some of the sports you get to enjoy here. In winter, skiing and snowshoeing tours are the perfect opportunity to spend active quality time with family and friends.

3. Living standards in La Massana

Renting a property in La Massana means enjoying high living standards. The parish is known for its peaceful environment, clean air and schools with excellent academic standards. The health system is also considered one of the best in Europe and crime rates are almost non-existent.

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