Properties for rent in Canillo

Why keep living in places where the noise and bustle of cities overwhelm you? If you have never heard of Canillo, you have surely missed a great opportunity. Finding a property for rent in Canillo takes you to a most enjoyable location. As one of the finest regions of the principality of Andorra, Canillo is located higher than the other parishes and therefore offers you majestic views and fantastic conditions for skiing.

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How to find a property for rent in Canillo

Finding a property for rent in Canillo might be a difficult task, unless you speak the language and know the country well. However, do not let this stop you from making the right decision. Habitand is here to help you get to know this wonderful parish.
Here are some points to consider when moving to Canillo.

1. Why choose Canillo?

Residents and visitors enjoy the beautiful nature of this parish as well as the diversity of its landscapes. Choosing a flat or house for rent will provide every day with a wonderful scenery outside of your windows, no matter which season. Fantastic snow-topped mountains generate the perfect conditions for skiing slopes. Furthermore, Canillo accounts for one of the three entries to Grandvalira – one of the most privileged skiing locations in Europe.

2. What to do in Canillo?

Besides outdoor activities throughout the year – Canillo is also a parish where culture and history meet. The Meritxell Sanctuary and the Sant Joan de Caselles Church are barely two of the sights worth visiting.

3. Living standards in Canillo

Living in Canillo ensures high standards of living. The advantages of renting a property in one of Europe’s safest countries plus the calmness of its surroundings are aspects you should definitely consider while looking for a place to move. Most people living in Canillo are Andorrans, but you will also find a significant number of Spaniards and Portuguese. However, many international tourists visit the great skiing location especially throughout the winter.

Use Habitand to explore properties for rent in Canillo.

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