Parking in Andorra

Parking in Andorra

There are many different topics to consider, when moving to Andorra. One of them is the parking situation in the small Principality. Naturally, parking garages and parking spots play an important role when it comes to moving around in your vehicle. Therefore, many people opt for buying a parking spot in Andorra. Typically, these garages are located underground within the same building where you are living.


Where to park your car?

Roads and streets in the Principality are usually of good quality. Andorra has many steep roads at high altitude. Furthermore, many roads are quite narrow. Parking fees are applied to almost all public parking spots. Usually you will find blue or green zones. Prices per hour in a blue zone cost 1€ an hour, whereas the green zone will only cost you 50 Cents. There is also a network of private parking garages for residents and visitors. Some of them belong to hotels or large shopping centres. Average parking fees range anywhere from 1€ to 1,50€ per hour. Some of these private garages offer an overnight flat rate somewhere between 6€ to 10€. This rate applies from 8pm to 8am the next morning. Likewise, there is always the possibility of driving around and searching for one of the very few free parking spots.

However, if you want to avoid spending money on parking fees regularly, then buying a parking spot in Andorra is also an option you should consider.

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Other alternatives

If you choose to leave your car at home, public transport might also be an option for you. Eight main bus lines connect the parishes of the small Principality. In Andorra La Vella you will be able to catch a bus as often as every 10 minutes. For rural areas, this can be a lot less frequent though. The main stops are on the busiest roads within the urban centres. Tickets can be bought directly from the bus driver and prices range anywhere between 1€ to 3€. The services usually run from 7 am to 9 pm.